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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Logo mis-matches (made in heaven)

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Ok by now, this company Omanmobile must be a classic in dealing with customer complaints. Where else on earth is customer service given minimum thought to?

For example? Today i parked my car at work, and since i couldnt procure a parking ticket, I used the SMS parking service. So I sent my message for parking between 8am to 12.30 am, and waited. I didnt get a response back, so i proceeded to work.

After about four hours, i get a message back saying that now i have reserved parking for my car between the hours 1pm and 6pm (the time im not at work!). Plus they charge me a cool 400bz for this.

So i called up the omanmobile customer service and enquired why was i given a wrong parking ticket with wrong timings, and on top charged for it. The only reply i got was that my call would be taken as a complaint and the Technical committee would get back to me within 24 hours.

I go back to my car after work, and voila, I have a parking fine sitting pretty on my dashboard!

Later in the night, around 8pm, I get a message from omantel, informing me that my complaint has been resolved. That was that.

Cant wait to call them back tomorrow, and inform them that Nawras kicks their ass big time.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Random Bitings.

1. I've just joined facebook, and I'm hooked! I cant believe im actually getting in touch with all the old friends I thought were buggered in memory lane.

2. It's so cold now in Oman (imagine huh!), and im getting the sickness through every single bone and marrow of mine. Is old age catching up rather quick?

3. I still havent been able to get myself to write poetry. Well atleast I dragged myself to this darn blog. Now that im writing, Im having aspirations of picking the pen and writing a poem. But about what?

4. The idea of marriage is haunting me big time. I mean the idea itself is horror. Imagine the luggage that comes with marriage. Wife, kids, headache, etc.. Why am i bugging myself? Problem is everyone in my family, starting from my mum, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, their aunts, their mothers etc are all motivatin me to tie the knot. Excuse me, I wanna be alone for sometime?

5. I could go on and on.....I need to stop. Hey wait a minute, this month is going to be damn boring...I can feel it. So see you next time brother.

Kiss my chaddies.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The falling of Teejan.

The recent weather conditions in Oman have not really helped anyone. At times we have rains, and then suddenly we find thick fog covering the landscapes, and all of a sudden now we have strong winds cursing the horizon of Oman. The world truly needs a hundred Al Gores to stop the rape and abuse of Mother Earth. Oman is one such baby suffering I would say. How many of you actually wake up at 5 in the morning and feel the cold water cutting through your hands as you was em? Chances are, in the future, Oman will have sub zero temperature and we will not be able to do anything about it, except for ofcourse adapt. Our ancestors have been adapting for a long time now, so why shouldnt we just follow suit?

One such disaster because of the unusual conditon in Oman, is obviously the falling of the Teejan showroom located in Alkhuwair. It's strange that I've not personally been to the site, but the papers have already had enough coverage about it, and it's quite sad to say that atleast two people are dead in the rubble. Now either we blame the contractor who built the silly building that could not even take a soft-strong wind, or we blame god. Quite ironic, since god had meant it to happen right?

Let's just adapt. Let's make Oman the new United Kingdom and live in brick houses!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Abaya Clad Hypnotist

After the hara kiri of the Tsunami, comes a weirder news that there is a Jordanian woman in Oman who steals from people using the art of hypnotism. I actually got this news through an email forward, and it kind of surprised me first, and then considering all the dirty rumours spreading around Oman, and the art of "Email Forwards - or rather CHAIN MAILS", it hit me that this is just another rumour that is cleverly planted to spread like wildfire. But what puzzles me, is that, on the wanted poster, it clearly has the Omani police seal, and even the numbers of the investigating police officers is listed. So then what do you make of it? Below is the actual published article: (Notice that the date of the last "action" is outdated)

Dear friends here is the picture of alleged suspect wanted by the Omani police for committing theft by mean of black magic. She is Jordanian national, has dark thick black hair, round face and eyes, fair skin and her front tooth is broken in shape ( ^ ) . Please do not make eye contact with her and don’t listen to her these are the means she hypnotizes people. She was last spotted in action in Aziaba on 12/ 4/2007. Please do forward this.

In case you saw her or have any information about her contact the following police officers:

1- Hilal / 99883556

2- Darwish/ 99880885

3- Fahad/ 99319002

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My BlogFans / My BlogDudes

There seems to be a sly, yet fulfilling practise going around of naming the "most wanted" criminals who frequently visit a blog, steal the bloggers heart with beautiful and sincere comments, and then keep reminding you to update you daily written crap, and yet have patience to wait for that golden post where they can find an opportunity to leave behind their stamp of genuine quality.

Yes folks, I am going to name and shame my dudes, fans, online friends, bloggers who have wasted their much valued time on the maniac's site. Here is a toast of cheers to them, and ofcourse keep making me smile!

In no particular order, the culprits are:

1. Nasra (http://iamnasra.blogspot.com/) - Bless her. I think (i hope im right) she was the first ever reader of my blog, and it started with poems on my blog. She frquently appreciated my poems and kept encouraging me. I keep visitin her blogs from time to time, and I like the wide array of poems she has on her blog. Plus she always supports a foundation which is very close to her heart, so it's definitely encouraging to read her thoughts on it, and the way she works hard at it, considering she hardly has any time. Keep it up, and never let anyone put your head down. Chin up!

2. Arabian Prince (http://arabian-prince.blogspot.com/) - This dude was a great analyser of my posts and always visited my blog and he always made sure to leave a comment. His comments were definitely encouraging, and I attribute my stay here so far to him. If it wasnt for his comments, I would have left this boring blogging a long time ago. His blog is super cool, since there are so many witty subjects he touches. Too bad, he's been bored of it all, or so it seems, and he's nowhere to be seen on the blogging world. Well let's hope he comes back soon.

3. Nella (http://a-sense-of-wonder.blogspot.com/) - She's been a recent frequent to the maniac blog, and I truly from the bottom of my heart wish to thank her for her constant encouragement while I was down and out. Sometime I would pass by the blog just like that, and her comments in my shoutbox would light up the smile on my face. What can I do without you girl? Keep rocking and dont ever stop writing your comments on my blog, no matter what! Her blog is a sweet one fellows...She likes to write about her childhood, cartoons, books and all those cute nothings! Whenever I visit her blog, I feel like im dreaming of my innocent childhood. Every word of her takes me wayyyy back. Keep writing man, and keep impressing me!

4. Invisible & Invincible (http://invisible128.blogspot.com/) - I cant remember how we got to know each other, but as far as memory takes me back, she usually commented on my blog when she was a frequent visitor to her own blog. Those were the days when she actually loved visiting her own blog and wrote beautiful poetry. Yes guys/girls, she writes amazing poetry! Being a poet myself, im always attracted to her blog simply coz of the wide variety of poems written by her and they all capture my soul. Too bad, she's too busy to write some more, and even busier to visit my blog now:-(

5. Elagante (http://elagante.blogspot.com/) - Another recent fan of my blog, who, god knows where she turned up from, certainly made a huge impact on my comeback. Had she not clicked pictures of her weird hands, I would not have commented on her blog, and in turn I would not have come back to writing on my blogs. So girl give yourself a pat on your sexy back. She's too flirty, so guys who are single and looking, just post pics of your eyes, and you wont be disappointed hahahahahah. jokes apart, her blog is the symbol of a carefree happy life. She writes cute sweet nothings, and even has pictures to show off. I love her blog coz it's so beautiful. Keep it up girl, and keep flirting hehehe.

6. Sensation (http://essensation.blogspot.com/) - My babes, my one and only love. His highness Sensation. The duffer has already started cheating on me with Red Dragon, but wait till you eat your food in the toilet! Hehe, jokes apart, this is another recent fan of my blog who seems to have suddenly disappeared off the radar on the pretext of not being in the mood to blog. I say comeback you idioti! We miss you wherever u are. There is no single word to describe the variety of subjects in his blog, so all I can say is he writes with a lot of thought. Check it out yourself!

7. Amjad (http://amjad248.blogspot.com/) - Another recent to my blog. Again I dont know where he dropped from, or which sky he fell from to my maniax world, but boy aint I glad he came, saw and conquered. He reads every single post of mine like as if it were Shakespeare, and then takes all the pain to answer everything neatly and accordingly. Dude you rock, and keep coming back, this blog needs ya! Oh and his blog should be an award winner by now, or atleast should be felicitated by the Omani society of bloggers. I say this because his blog has so much of depthful information on Oman, Sudan and ofcourse the daily nit bits, that you just wanna read and not stop! Keep it rocking man, and see ya around on your blog.

8. Red Dragon (http://thoughtswonder.blogspot.com/) - I call him the RISK MASTER. His ability to take risks, come scathed, and yet have all the time to flirt, snatch away my girlfriends and boyfriends, and still remain cool! I dont know how he does it? His blog is one picture of risks. If you wanna know how to burn your hands and feel good about it, or drive 200 KMPH and still stay alive or Jump from a cliff and hurt your ribs and not know about it, or try to commit suicide from every other angle, then Red Dragon's Blog is the informative one. Keep rocking bro.

ok and the oscar goes to ------ Myself. hehe hope i didnt forget anyone, cheers all!

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tsunami in Oman - Coming Soon.

Well, hold your breath fellows, for here is a breaking news that is bound to set your pulse racing, and it's right here on the blog of a maniac.

Rumours doing the usual rounds in Oman is that this Indian fellow has had a prophetic dream about a Tsunami like wave that will hit Oman very soon. In fact it's a dreadful soooooon. Check this out, in the dream, the Tsunami will hit Qurum Beach (Shatti Area) at exactly 04:00am on Wednesday Morning on the 9th of May 2007. (Mark these in your diary)

The chap thinks the dream is so real, that he went to warn people about it, and has now ended up in a police cell for spreading gossip. (Typical of Oman Police)

Either ways, I hope this is a warning to everyone to stay off that side (If this dream does come true) and that lets warn others of this, no matter how stupid it seems.

Inshallah Khair, no matter what happens, Allah Knows best.

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